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MPS Smart Cookie Lab (an acronym for Michele petite sweets) was established in 2000. It is a company that

is passionate about baking delicious and

healthy gourmet cookies.  We specialize in

freshly baked gourmet cookies and crackers.


We choose to use premium ingredients, using neither preservatives nor

artificial colors, never compromising the quality.  Naturally, all of our products

are transfat-free. We choose to use all natural, wholesome ingredients because

we believe in the freshness of food.  At MPS, we produce on a need-to-order basis

to ensure consistent excellent quality, as this is our primary goal to an

increasing demand for high quality gourmet baked goods.  By serving gourmet,

we believe it is a reflection of the quality and standard that we deliver to our

clients and consumers. Not only does MPS serve the consumer market but also

is a supplier serving the hospitality and corporate industry.


We continue to take pride in serving fresh baked cookies, with distinct flavor

combinations. Our vision to make great cookies has been unwavered and will

continue to do so.


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